Flat-Fee Trademark Registration

We Can Help You Protect Your Brand.

We know you want to protect your brand  because you have invested your time, money and resources into creating, building and monetizing it. The last thing you want is to have your dream business destroyed because you didn’t protect your brand or even worst because you built your business using someone else's trademark.

Here’s the thing: you dreamed of creating a profitable brand, not being a trademark lawyer.

You know that your brand needs legal protection, but you are afraid of the cost associated with hiring an attorney.

The reason most people pay expensive attorney’s fees is because they wait until there is a legal problem…and then they hire an attorney.

Waiting until you have a legal problem to hire an attorney is like trying to purchase car insurance at the scene of a car accident. It is going to be expensive and stressful.

The best way to prevent legal problems is to hire an attorney before there is a problem.

If you want to protect your brand and cannot afford a lawsuit, you are in the right place.

At The Trademark Firm, we big believers lawsuit prevention.

Hiring an attorney to protect your brand is more beneficial to your business than hiring an attorney only when you have a legal problem.

It's similar to visiting your primary care doctor for routine check-ups to avoid major medical issues. When you visit your primary care doctor, the chances of you needing to visit the emergency room doctor decreases and you avoid paying higher fees.

Legal brand protection is a must for all businesses whether it’s Facebook, Google, local business, an online boutique or blog.

You want to operate your business knowing there is an attorney working to protect your brand every step of the way.





Kendra Stephen is a trademark attorney and the founder of The Trademark Firm. She helps her clients protect their brand using Federal trademark registration. It’s my job to help my clients legally protect their brand while they focus on growing their business. I enjoy helping business owners not only protect their brand but build successful.